Get to know Shoreline’s Docents!

Get to know Shoreline’s Docents!

It’s no surprise that Shoreline’s docents tend to be the main topic that everyone talks about as they’re walking off our board. Spending 75 mins with an expert guide that can tell you the background of almost all the buildings you pass by, answer any questions you might have, and still crack some jokes and throw in pop culture references is a pretty great way to see Chicago. Have you ever gotten finished a tour loving everything you just heard but still wishing you could have more information? Well now you can!

We are excited to introduce the new Docents of Shoreline Sightseeing Facebook page!

Shoreline's expert docents now have a Facebook page

If you had some burning questions after the tour but the guide was speaking with someone else, you can ask them here! If you took a great picture of you and your docent during the tour share it with them here! If you’re interested in places Shoreline’s docents typically recommend to people, find them here!

The fun experience of learning about Chicago doesn’t have to end after 75 mins, we want to create an experience that will stick with you even after you head back home.

‘Like’ the Docents of Shoreline Sightseeing Facebook page today and start interacting with our great guides!