Shoreline Captain Featured in the Chicago Star!

Shoreline Captain Featured in the Chicago Star!

Ever wonder what’s it like to be a captain for a Shoreline Sightseeing cruise? The Chicago Star talked to Capt. Trevonte Battle to find out!

As Capt. Battle shares, there’s a lot more to captaining a Shoreline boat than steering the ship. His skills in charting, navigation, and emergency procedures may not be needed on the average day, but all assure that our passengers—and everyone else on the water—are safe every time one of our boats heads out to Lake Michigan or the Chicago River.

Before Shoreline, Capt. Battle graduated from the Columbia Yacht Club’s captain course and completed training through the U.S. Coast Guard. One of his favorite things about being a captain for Shoreline is that he continues to learn, this time about the history of Chicago.

“I think it’s fascinating that the city burned down and the people rebuilt it from the ashes,” he told the Star. “Instead of saying, ‘oh man, the city’s done,’ they brought in some of the best architects and offered them an open canvas for their work.” 

Check out the full article on Capt. Battle here. And give him a wave next time you see him at one of our tours!