Captain’s Blog – Revolution Brewing Edition

Captain’s Blog – Revolution Brewing Edition

We’re embarking on a time of warm weather, outdoor drinking, and leisurely boat rides – so why not combine them all in one great cruise! To kick off our lineup of Special Events cruises we are starting with one of the best – a Craft Beer Cruise with Revolution Brewing. Marty from Revolution Brewing is here to present the lineup of our first brew cruise of the summer.

Galaxy Hero

Our Hero Series beers are showcases for our favorite hops. Dry, bitter, and with restrained malt presence, the hops shine bright without dominating. My favorite Hero beer is whichever is freshest.

Rev Pils

Germans take their Pilsners (as well as many things) pretty seriously, and thank goodness. We designed this beer with reverence to the best lager beers in the world, and added our own American attitude. We use 100% German malts, hops, and yeast and employ a modern dry hopping method to kick that nose up a notch.

Sun Crusher

The name really says it all with this beer. Sun Crusher is the point at which American hop aromatics and flavors intersect with maximum drinkability. With lower bitterness than most hoppy beers and a wonderful bready maltiness from the wheat, this seasonal brew is both satisfyingly complex and dangerously crushable. Good thing it’s only 5.3% ABV.

Get your tickets!

Don’t miss out on one of the best craft beer cruises of the summer – tickets are still available, so get yours today! And did we mention it is part of Chicago Craft Beer Week!?