Visit the Haymarket Memorial

Visit the Haymarket Memorial

The Haymarket Memorial is a little known site in the City of Chicago, but one well worth visiting. Shoreline Sightseeing, dedicated to teaching residents or visitors of Chicago about its history through architectural boat cruises and history tours, would be happy to show you the best of Chicago architecture.

History of the Haymarket Tragedy

Haymarket tragedy

The Haymarket district became the site of unbelievable tragedy on May 4, 1886 when a bomb was thrown into the people who had gathered for demonstrations. The protesters had gathered for good cause: violent deaths of workers during a labor lockout had happened just the previous day in another part of the city.

As the bomb was directed at the 175 policemen gathered to break up the protest, suspicion was placed on the organizers of the event and many were arrested. These arrests took place despite no substantial connection between the bomb-thrower and the organizers of the demonstration. Yet, without any concrete proof, some were put to death because of the assumed connection.

To this day, the identity of the bomb-thrower has never been determined.

Memorial Art for Those Who Died

The bombing and the panicked riot that followed killed seven policemen and at least four civilians. The deaths of those killed for the crime without substantial evidence added to the death toll of the Haymarket tragedy. Their lives are commemorated by a sculpture by Mary Brogger. The terra cotta colored statue depicts the wagon protest organizers spoke from and marks the exact spot it stood on the fateful day in May. It will forever stand as a symbol of free speech, the right to assembly, workers rights, law enforcement, and justice.

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