Things to Do: Chicago Ghost Tours

Things to Do: Chicago Ghost Tours

Chicagoans and tourists alike love the city’s history of horror and hauntings, and a Chicago ghost tour can be an excellent follow-up to one of our Shoreline Sightseeing Chicago Architecture Tours. From serial killers to mob violence to good old fashioned ghost stories, Chicago is haunted enough to justify a few days worth of touring the darker side of the city, and we want to let you know how best to do it.

Free Ghost Tours

Weird Tour Chicago

The city has a wide variety of free entertainment for after you’ve finished your Chicago architectural boat tour. Free Tours by Foot puts on a pay-what-you-want Chicago ghost tour that hits some of the most popular historically haunted sites in the city, including:

  • The Auditorium Theatre
  • The Chicago Fire Hangman
  • The Congress Hotel
  • Death Alley
  • Eastland Disaster Hauntings
  • Chicago’s Old Red Light District

While all of these locations have a reputation for hauntings, they are also key historical sites, and we saved the best for last: H.H. Holmes. This walking tour will trace the streets where Chicago’s first serial killer stalked his prey, as detailed in Devil in the White City. Reservations are required, and the tour takes about 2 hours.

Other Ghost Tours

Chicago’s history of haunting is more than one free tour can hold, and other popular tours to check out after your Chicago architecture tour include:

  • Chicago Hauntings has run some of the most popular tours of Chicago’s dark past, including the Resurrection Mary tour of the Archer Avenue hauntings, an extensive Devil in the White City tour, a day-long ghost hunt, and the oldest and most acclaimed ghost tour: The Original Chicago Hauntings Tour with Ursula Bielski and her staff of historians.
  • Weird Chicago takes the ghost tours and mixes them with Chicago’s history of organized crime, including the “Blood, Guts, & Valentines” crime tour and Weird Chicago’s “Haunted History” tour.

Plan Your Chicago Adventure Today

If you have any questions about our Chicago architecture tours, don’t hesitate to contact Shoreline Sightseeing online or by phone at 312-222-9328. And for more on any of these Chicago ghost tours, reach out to their hosts – and remember, many ghost tours run all year, they just get extra busy around Halloween.