Spend an Afternoon at the Art Institute

Spend an Afternoon at the Art Institute

When you come to Chicago, one of the most talked-about ways to see the city is on one of Shoreline Sightseeing’s boat cruises or architectural tours. We at Shoreline know that, after you disembark from our ship, there is still a lot of Chicago to see. We hope you consider visiting the Art Institute while you are in Chicago.

Art from the Ages

Art Institute of Chicago

At the Art Institute of Chicago, the galleries are filled with some of the most incredible and culturally important pieces of art. The curators of this museum have created a breathtaking experience as the beautiful rooms of this building draw you from one era to the next, one artist to the next, one scene to the next, one subject to the next. You will witness artwork that will inspire you, whether you find yourself artistically inclined or not (and if you are, consider bringing a sketchpad and pencil!)

Special Exhibits

In collaboration with the international art community, the Art Institute of Chicago is always bringing artwork right here to your backyard. Who doesn’t want to visit Paris or Rome or Barcelona, but until you can, the Art Institute is working to bring the artistic experiences of these places to you. Recent exhibits include things like: “Degas: At the Track, On the Stage,” “Dionysos Unmasked: Ancient Sculpture and Early Prints,” and “Mariko Mori: Miko No Inori.”
Modern as Well as Classic

With an extensive modern art wing, it is possible to experience the current trends and great moments of modern art right here at the Art Institute of Chicago. Think it would have been exciting to see the Mona Lisa when it was a forward-thinking work? Come see where the artistic community is exploring and experimenting today in this wing.

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