See Chicago History at the Robie House

See Chicago History at the Robie House

Chicago is packed with a lot of history, which makes it the perfect city for history buffs to visit. Through Shoreline Sightseeing, you can take a Chicago architectural boat tour to see the beauty and learn the history behind some of the landmarks. When done, be sure to head to the Robie House to take in more history from this great city.

What is the Robie House?

Robie House

The Robie House is a hidden gem that most people don’t know about. Located on the campus of the University of Chicago, this house is a US national historic landmark built between 1908 and 1910 by Frank Lloyd Wright.

This house is actually the best example of Wright’s prairie-style house. On the outside, you’ll find a cantilevered roof with continuous bands of art glass windows. On the inside, you’ll notice that the house is built in a rectangle form that houses the main living areas. In addition, there are so many unique designs and craftsmanship throughout that you’ll enjoy seeing.

Can I tour it?

Of course. The Robie House is open for tours Thursday through Monday, from 10:30 am to 3 pm. In addition, there is also a museum shop that allows you to purchase some fun knickknacks. This shop is open Thursday through Monday from 9:30 am until 4:30 pm.

What else?

What most people don’t realize is that you can also rent the Robie House for special events. Whether you want to have a dinner party or a meeting, you can truly raise the bar by hosting your event here. The team will also customize your event based on your needs, and you can have a guided tour of the house take place during your event as well.

Schedule Your Tour Today

Shoreline Sightseeing enjoys providing Chicago architectural boat tours along the river, and we have a soft spot for Chicago history. If you want to enjoy the history of this city, be sure to schedule your tour with us, and then also check out the Robie House. Contact us online today or call us at 312.222.9328 to schedule your tour or learn more about what we offer.