Journey Through the Walking Stick Woods

Journey Through the Walking Stick Woods

If you are spending time in Chicago, either as a visitor or a resident, you are surrounded by the noise and bustle of the city 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Although that bustle can be thrilling and a great deal of fun, there is nothing quite like escaping the city for a short retreat. If you think that is not possible without driving a considerable distance from the city, think again! Shoreline Sightseeing, known for their Chicago architectural boat cruise and Chicago architecture tours can get you there! After the tour, visit the Walking Stick Woods!

History in the Woods

North Park Village Nature Center

The property known as The Walking Stick Woods began as the Chicago Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium in the early part of the 20th century. Located on the northern side of the city, the expansive property was designed to provide rest and peace for those suffering from tuberculosis. There were cottages nestled into the nature preserve so patients could live away from the city, both for their own health and to contain the disease within the city. After the sanitarium was no longer in use, the Chicago Park District acquired the property in the 1970s.

Playground for Children

In recent years, the area has been transformed into a Nature Study Area and a Forest Play School for young children. Those who helped define and transform the space into what it is today are the children who use it. Originally, school children and campers came to hike through the area but Park District staff noticed how eager these Chicago children were to just play in nature. They brought in groups of children to observe how they interacted with nature and found they were hungry for a space they could just play and explore in. It is now common for camps and groups to come and, with little guidance and just the resources available in nature, the children transform the Nature Study Area with forts, worm farms, by digging holes, and more. A Forest Play School has also been started, running 5 days a week from September through June where children learn and play in nature. All classes take place exclusively outdoors, in spite of rain or snow.

Peaceful Retreat from the City

The 46-acre property is a great resource to the city of Chicago as a peaceful retreat. It has areas of wetland, forest, and savannah. It is a place to see forest animals like deer or wetland animals like toads. It is a place to even connect with Chicago’s roots when you smell the wild onions that the city takes its name from. It is a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life for a short while.

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