Jazz Era Legends Are Found at The Green Mill

Jazz Era Legends Are Found at The Green Mill

It’s not just the astounding buildings in Chicago that make this city a mecca for sightseeing, but also the stories of the legendary characters that haunted their halls. The Green Mill Cocktail Lounge, found in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood, is known for the outstanding jazz acts that have graced its stage, but that’s not all. It used be one of Al Capone’s favorite hangouts during the Probation Era.

Green Mill Cocktail Lounge

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History of The Green Mill

Opening in 1907 as Pop’s Roadhouse, a few years later its name was changed to The Green Mill as a nod to the infamous Moulin Rouge in Paris. Many actors from the Essanay movie studio, a short walk away, would frequent this bar, including the likes of “Bronco Billy” Anderson, Wallace Berry, and a new actor known as Charlie Chaplin.

Prohibition Era Legends

During the 1920s, Jack McGunn bought a stake in The Green Mill and acted as manager for many years. Coincidently, McGunn was also one of Al Capone’s favorite hit men and is often credited for carrying out the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Capone owned a speakeasy across the street from this club, but preferred the Green Mill, and it became his official hangout.

Visitors today can sit in the booth Capone always used, which is right next to the side door. It gave him a perfect view of the stage and the front door. And, there’s still a trap door behind the original bar that once had a lift that transported illegal booze. In the basement there are a series of tunnels that gangsters used for running liquor or making a fast getaway.

And the Band Played on

In spite of its mob ties, this club was then, and continues to be, a world-renowned jazz joint. The Green Mill has hosted many legendary singers, musicians, and entertainers over the years, including Billie Holiday, Al Jolson, Sophie Tucker, Bix Beiderbecke, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, and others.

In addition to its ongoing jazz shows almost every night of the week, The Green Mill is also the home of the Uptown Poetry Slam, one of the first and best of its kind. Started in 1986, up to 8 contestants can sign up to perform slam poems in a competition to see who can deliver the most dynamic performance each Sunday night. Become a part of Chicago’s history and enjoy the entertainment available at The Green Mill, located at 4802 N. Broadway in Chicago.

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