Intercontinental Chicago Magnificent Mile

Intercontinental Chicago Magnificent Mile

If you’re looking for an entertaining and unforgettable way to spend a sunny afternoon in the Windy City, Shoreline Sightseeing’s Chicago architectural boat tour sits right up there at the top of the list. Operating in the city of Chicago for over 75 years, Shoreline has been one of most defining, educational, and edifying attractions in the city’s plethora of tourist opportunities. At Shoreline, we believe in bringing people in touch with the heart of the city’s greatest landmarks and monuments by way of its most universal trademark: its vast encompassing river system poured from the font of the immeasurably beautiful Lake Michigan.

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But where will you stay during your time in the so-called “Heart of America,” apart from the cultural excitement, architectural grandeur, cosmopolitan glamor that typifies so much of the city’s day (and night) life. You should consider staying at the Intercontinental hotel, one of the city’s award-winning hotels situated along the iconic scenic grandeur of the city’s appropriately titled “Magnificient Mile.” Make your stay in Chicago one to remember. Here’s everything you could want and expect to find at one of the Windy City’s most renowned hotel establishments.

Find Out for Yourself How ‘Magnificent’ The InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile Really Is!

The InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile is not simply one of Chicago’s most venerated and highly frequented hotel locations, it’s one of the most beautiful landmark hotels in modern history. Originally erected in 1929 as the Medinah Athletic Club, a luxury men’s club for members of the Shrine organization, the building that would later become famously known as the Intercontinental miraculously managed to survive the economic tumult of the Great Depression though its function as the home to the Shriner’s illustrious club was shuttered in 1934. A little close to half a century later, the building would be bought and be re-branded by InterContinental Hotels, one of the most renowned hotel chains in the world. A quarter of a billion dollars and 12 years later, the newly-christened InterContinental Chicago hotel was re-introduced to lucky citizens of Chicago.

The opening of the InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile in 1990 was treated with the celebration and aplomb that one would expect from a priceless gift being bestowed on the denizens of a major metropolitan city. A marvelous epicenter through which the collective forces of inimitable architectural design and cultural significance combine, it has hosted the likes of celebrities and dignitaries, politicians and tastemakers. The Intercontinental is a jewel in the crown of Chicago’s cosmopolitan allure. To stay anywhere else and avert the opportunity to reside in one of the city’s most preeminent hotels would be a massive disservice to any would-be visitor of the finest metropolis in the mid-west.

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