Get Around in Chicago With the Pedway

Get Around in Chicago With the Pedway

Looking for a great way to get to know Chicago? The Chicago Pedway, a pedestrian walkway system connecting over fifty downtown buildings, is one way. Another way is a Chicago architectural boat tour from Shoreline Sightseeing.

Get to Know the Chicago Pedway

The Chicago Skyline

The Pedway is Chicago’s famous downtown pedestrian walkway system. It’s composed of an interconnected series of overhead bridges and underground tunnels, which link the downtown buildings of Chicago for walkers and pedestrians without exposing them to the chill wind that is Chicago winter weather. In the summertime, it serves as a safe and restful haven from traffic for commuters and shoppers. This system links over 40 blocks of buildings in the Central Business District, and covers about five miles. It also connects central business buildings to public and private buildings, commuter rail facilities, and CTA stations.

The Pedway was born in 1951, when the City of Chicago started to build tunnels a block long that connected the Blue Line and Red Line subway systems at Jackson Boulevard and Washington Street. Since that time, investment from the public and private investors has expanded the Pedway by miles. The system now connects over fifty buildings!

Shoreline Sightseeing Boat Tours

After you’ve spent a day visiting Chicago’s famous downtown district by walking along the Pedway, why not relax and see the city from another point of view with a Shoreline Sightseeing architectural cruise? This relaxing and exciting cruise takes you on a tour of the highlights of Chicago’s skyline from the Chicago River and the shores of Lake Michigan. Our friendly and knowledgeable tour guides will share tidbits of Chicago history and trivia with you as you take in the beautiful sights of Chicago’s historical buildings and districts. Top off a day of sightseeing or just get to know your city better with a Shoreline Sightseeing architectural cruise!

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