Field Trips With Shoreline

Field Trips With Shoreline

Welcome to THE CAPTAIN’S BLOG. This is the place to go for The Captain’s tips on where to drop anchor and find the best things to do and places to go in Chicago!

Classrooms all over the world are looking for a fresh way of learning and a way to truly capture the attention of their students who are over-loaded with information in this technology age. But fear not teachers! We have the perfect way to keep your students attention, teach them a few things, and have fun – all at the same time!

America is a country of visual learners. Smart technology, TV and the internet are all great tools of visual learning; but what is better than actually being outside in the real-world, seeing modern marvels that make our city of Chicago the great city it is?

Shoreline Sightseeing offers two different adventures for school field trips: the Waterfront Adventure and the Architecture Exploration Cruises. One of the best things about both of these cruises is that they only last 45 min- 1 hour. This way, you will still have plenty of time to visit museums and explore other parts of Chicago!

The Waterfront Adventure Cruise from Navy Pier tells the story of Chicago’s dramatic history. Your students will learn how Chicago came to be and the growth of the city throughout the decades. Your class will depart from historic Navy Pier and cruise along the lakefront. You will see the John Hancock Center, Grant Park, the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse, the river locks and many other Chicago landmarks.

The Architecture Exploration Cruise goes into more depth about the vision of Chicago and how it has changed throughout the years. From Art Deco style to Gothic, from Frank Lloyd Wright to Graham, Anderson, Probst & White – there is so much to learn!  Each individual building is so uniquely different, yet they all flow together and a lot of them are a reflection of the Chicago River. As you go along the River, you will start to notice a few repeat architects and it is very neat to see the similarities in buildings that you never saw before!

We are committed to providing not only a memorable and fun experience, but an educational one. That is why we created a learning guide! It is a great tool to use prior to cruising with us and it includes historical facts about the city, highlighting major landmarks and sights. Also included are activities which involve a Skyline Matchup, some Chicago River trivia and Vessel Vocabulary. The goal of these worksheets is to build anticipation around what is sure to be an exciting trip for your class.

Please let us know how we may help you create an outstanding field trip for your students! Contact our Group Sales Department at 312-373-7258 or email

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Have fun out there!

Captain C.

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