Experience West Town Art Walk

Experience West Town Art Walk

If art is your passion, then you should definitely take advantage of a Chicago architectural boat tour through Shoreline Sightseeing. When you’re done, be sure to see all the fun art at the West Town Art Walk and experience the life and talent of a Chicago artist.

What is the Art Walk?

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During the West Town Art Walk, artists take over the neighborhood shops to display their talents and skills to all who attend. It doesn’t matter what type of art you are interested in, there is definitely something there for everyone. From fashion to music to visual and culinary, there is plenty for you and the entire family to enjoy while attending.

What’s there to do?

Aside from looking at the talents of local artists, you can also enjoy some good food. This event is being held in conjunction with the West Town Food Truck Social, which features food from Chicago’s best food trucks. So be sure you come hungry…and thirsty, as some of Chicago’s retailers will also host beer tastings.

There is also plenty of entertainment lined up to enjoy. There is an Art in the Park exhibit that is perfect for families. Family-friendly events will be occurring throughout the weekend, and you can experience live entertainment by ChiME. If you like hands-on experiences, the fences along Eckhart Park will allow you to get creative with a Live Art Making feature. Chalk drawing contests and a car show will round out the event.

If you get too tired, don’t worry. Free rickshaw rides will be available throughout the event, so you can take it all in without having to move a muscle.

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Chicago has a lot of art to showcase, and there are plenty of ways for you to take it all in. West Town Art Walk gives you the opportunity to experience the city’s finest from the city’s most talented. In addition, you should also be sure to take a boat tour with Shoreline Sightseeing. We offer an array of tours, so you can pick the one that fits your schedule. Contact us online or by calling 312.222.9328 to schedule your tour today.