Ethnic Food in Chicago

Ethnic Food in Chicago

Shoreline Sightseeing’s Chicago Architectural Boat Tour is one of the city’s cultural mainstays. But there’s so much more to explore of the “Jewel of the Midwest” besides a riverside tour of its most breath-taking and impressive architectural feats. For instance, Chicago holds a prestigious and well-earned reputation for being one the finest culinary epicenters of the United States, with some of the greatest culinary artists of their time pouring into the heart of the American Midwest from the far corners of the modern world to hone their craft and share their most delectable of dishes. Come for the unforgettable sightseeing, stay for the unparalleled food!

Chicago is One of the Delicatessen Epicenters of the Entire United States!

Hema's Kitchen dining interior

Chicago is a city of multitudes. The sight, the sounds; the smells, the tastes! Ours is a history of trade and industry, pioneering entrepreneurs and steadfast ingenuity. Among the things that Chicago is most known for is its expertise and uncontested love of food. But as much as Chicago is known for its unequalled hotdog excellence, our coveted deep dish pizza expertise, and our mouth-wateringly savory Italian beef sandwiches, those are only a portion of the menu of exquisite cuisine the Windy City has to dish out.

For instance, did you know that Chicago is a thriving hotspot for Middle Eastern delicacies, Kosher meals, and exotic Asian dishes? Neighborhood staples like Hema’s Kitchen on 2439 W. Devon Avenue and Khan BBQ on 2401 W. Devon Avenue are must-gos for any savvy food-enthusiasts visiting the city on a quick trip, and the family-run Sun Wah BBQ located at 5039 N. Broadway St. is a great spot if you’re looking for some of the best Beijing duck Chicago has to offer. Ethiopian, Polish, Korean — Chicago is replete with some of the finest restaurants serving some of the most eccentrically delicious food the world has to offer!

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