Bring the Kids to the Chicago Children’s Museum

Bring the Kids to the Chicago Children’s Museum

Shoreline Sightseeing has been offering Chicago architectural boat tours to families for years, and while we provide great entertainment, we know there is so much more this great city has to offer. For those in the area with children, one must-visit spot is the Chicago Children’s Museum. No matter your child’s age, there is definitely something here they will enjoy.

Zoom Room

Chicago Children's Museum Krafts Artabounds Studio

The Zoom Room is the perfect place for kids who love speed and cars. Here, your child will be able to hurl toys and cars through loops, curves, and crash sites in a multi-level race course.

Tinkering Lab

Does your child like to be hands on, especially when it comes to science and experimenting? If so, take them to the tinkering lab. Here, your child will be able to use real tools and real materials to simply create whatever comes to mind.

Treehouse Trails

For kids five and under, the Treehouse Trails is a great way for them to explore, play, and interact with other children their age. There are plenty of games and experiences, so let them be free and enjoy.

Kids Town

Give your child the opportunity to see what it’s like to be an adult. In Kids Town, your child can go grocery shopping, change a tire, drive a CTA bus, and do so much more through problem solving and role playing.

Kraft Artabounds Studio

For the child who loves arts and crafts, the Kraft Artabounds Studio is a must visit. This authentic studio and art gallery gives your child the opportunity to paint, print, sketch, sculpt and more. This area is available to children of all ages and skill levels.


Does your child love to build? Then visit Skyline. Here, your child will be able to use real wood to build structures. They can also take the Skyscraper Challenge and record themselves at work.

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Chicago is filled with things to do, including the Chicago Children’s Museum. In addition to spending time there with your family, be sure to schedule your appointment with Shoreline Sightseeing. You can contact us online or by calling 312.222.9328.