Best Italian Ice in Chicago

Best Italian Ice in Chicago

If you love Chicago in the summer, you’ll love the taste of real Italian ice. Shoreline Sightseeing presents this guide to Chicago’s favorite frozen desserts!

Mario’s Italian Lemonade

Mario's Italian Lemonade

If you’re looking for the most old-fashioned, authentic Italian ice in the city, you won’t want to miss Mario’s Italian Lemonade in Little Italy. This dessert shack has been serving up slushy desserts to Chicago residents for decades. You’ll find satisfying chunks of real fruit in your Italian ice. Stop by every week to enjoy the seasonal flavors that come and go, and don’t forget to pick up snacks like real Italian lupini beans.

Freddie’s Pizza

If you want to round off a real Italian meal with a cool ice, Freddie’s Pizza hits the spot. Split a $10 pizza with a friend, or try house-made gnocchi in vodka sauce for a more upscale meal. Try the chocolate or strawberry Italian ice, or the limoncello gelato for a fancy treat. Best of all, it’s open until 1 AM for those late-night munchies!

Miko’s Italian Ice

With two Chicagoland locations and a franchise in Alabama, you won’t have an excuse to miss Miko’s. Rotating seasonal flavors include classic favorites like cherry and mango, as well as unique flavors like “Orangezilla” and hibiscus. When the weather cools down, Miko’s Flipside Cafe starts serving up goodies like rosemary gouda grilled cheese and brown butter cookies.

Annette’s Homemade Italian Ice

Annette’s is a full-service dessert stand, serving up American classics like chocolate malt and new favorites like frozen yogurt as well as 20 flavors of Italian ice. Try mixing your favorite Italian ice with the vanilla soft serve for a unique frozen treat, or sample the Nutella shake or Eskimo Kisses ice cream for a unique taste of summer.

Taste Chicago With Shoreline Sightseeing

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