Best Food Trucks in Chicago

Best Food Trucks in Chicago

At Shoreline Sightseeing, we know that you don’t often have time to sit down to eat. After all, when there’s so much to do—like our Chicago architectural boat tour—who wants to waste time sitting in a restaurant? Thankfully, Chicago is packed with plenty of delicious food trucks. Take a look at some of the city’s favorite.

Aztec Dave’s Truck

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If it’s Mexican food you’re craving, then you need to locate Aztec Dave’s Truck. This four-wheeled hotspot serves up tacos, tortas, burritos, and more. You can choose between skirt steak, chicken, or beef, and you can choose between a pineapple devil sauce and sweet-hot salsa. Plus, they’re relatively cheap, as you can snag three tacos for only $8.

The Roost

There’s something about fried chicken and home-style cooking that pleases a palette, and The Roost is a great choice for those looking for this taste. You can enjoy delicious fried chicken on the bone or as a sandwich. And if you get there early enough, they’ll even cook you up some breakfast.

Chicago Pizza Boss

You can’t come to Chicago and not try our pizza, so why not get pizza on the go with Chicago Pizza Boss. This Italian flag themed truck is easy to spot, and you can enjoy a very flavorful pie topped with all your favorites.

The Fat Shallot

Sandwiches are everybody’s favorite, and The Fat Shallot dishes up some great feasts by putting twists on old favorites. For instance, instead of your usual BLT, theirs comes with bacon, arugula, truffle aioli, and tomatoes pressed between Texas toast. And there’s plenty more where that creativity came from.

Bruges Brothers

Bruges delivers frites stuffed into paper cones for a simple snack, and these have garnered much attention. However, their main dishes are, well, the main attraction, and they’re still served in cones. Check out the papas bravas cone with chorizo, ham, and roasted peppers, or enjoy the grilled steak with butter and crispy leeks.

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