The Best “Barcades” in Chicago

The Best “Barcades” in Chicago

At Shoreline Sightseeing, we want you to have the best possible visit to Chicago. We are here to take you on some of the best tours the city has to offer, whether it’s a cruise along Lake Michigan or viewing the incredible architecture of the city from our boat on the Chicago River. After enjoying one of our tours, we hope you will wander this city we call home and experience all it has to offer. For a fun night on the town after an amazing day on the water, learn more about the bar arcades to be found in some of the most hip neighborhoods in Illinois!

A New Phenomenon

Emporium Arcade Bar interior

The corner bar with a pool table or pinball machine is as iconic as it gets. But a new generation of bars has finally made it to the vibrant neighborhoods of Chicago. With many featuring forward thinking and uniquely flavored craft beers, these sites are an awesome place to visit whether you like gaming or not. And if you do like gaming, meet up with old friends or connect with new ones as you battle it out with a wide variety of game choices.

Emporium Arcade Bar – Two Locations

The Emporium Barcade is found in two different neighborhoods, and while they are similar in how awesome they are, they also emphasize different types of gaming. The Wicker Park location has classic games like NBA Jam, Mortal Kombat and Q*Bert and features 24 beers to choose from. While you can’t order food onsite, visitors are encouraged to bring their own to enjoy alongside their beer and in between games. The Logan Square location of the Emporium puts an emphasis on table games like pool, air hockey, and shuffleboard to keep you gaming without the screens. Beer in cans and bottles are available to order and a food truck parked outside provides awesome food to snack on.

FTW Chicago

Conveniently located in the Streeterville neighborhood, a visit to this barcade will be quite unique. It has a steampunk inspired interior and features classic games like air hockey and skee-ball and more modern games racing and shooting games, not to mention the 6-hole mini-golf course. Thirty-two craft beers will keep your whistle wet and you can even win prizes after the success of gaming.

Headquarters Beercade

The upside of Headquarters Beercade is that every game is free. The only downside is this can lead to long lines for the more popular games. But this is hardly a downside when they have a fine selection of craft beers and cocktails. Stand in line with an excellent drink in hand, and make new friends talking to the people around you. Before you know it, you’ll be dominating at a new game. Visit Headquarters in the Lakeview or its second location in River North, which also features an excellently unusual food menu.

Other Places to Try

If you’re looking for another barcade to try, a few more we’d recommend are:

  • Logan Arcade in Logan Square
  • Replay in Boystown
  • Level 257 for a barcade experience in the suburbs – located in Schaumburg

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