Explore America’s First Planetarium, The Adler Planetarium in Chicago

Explore America’s First Planetarium, The Adler Planetarium in Chicago

The Adler Planetarium is one of the most historic museum spaces in Chicago, and the first planetarium ever built in the United States. Founded in 1930, the Adler Planetarium is part of Chicago’s famed Museum Campus, which includes the John G. Shedd Aquarium and The Field Museum. The Adler Planetarium is located right on Lake Michigan on the northeast tip of Northerly Island and is one of the many sites you will see along Shoreline Sightseeing’s Classic Lake Tour.

Adler Planetarium

At Adler Planetarium, you can experience the iconic architecture that earned the planetarium National Historic Landmark status, and learn about the exploration of space, such as past expeditions and the evolution of space exploration, as well as cutting edge research on current space technology and findings. At the Adler Planetarium, there’s something for the whole family––don’t miss out on this educational and historic gem in the heart of Chicago.

An Overview of Adler Planetarium

The Adler Planetarium houses three full-size theaters, extensive and interactive space science exhibitions, and the Doane Observatory. The Doane Observatory is one of the few active-research public urban observatories in the world. You can see the stars, planets, and galaxies up close, and Doane is one of the few places the public have access to such an experience. The Adler Planetarium also boasts a world-class collection of antique scientific instruments and print materials. You can even see fully restored historic space shuttles such as the Gemini 12 spacecraft!

Permanent Exhibitions

The Adler Planetarium features a range of permanent exhibitions spanning a well-rounded and exciting perspective on the universe. Here are a few highlights available:

  • Planet Explorers – Suitable for young children, in this exhibition you learn what it takes to be part of a mission to outer space. Interactive and engaging, this exhibit fosters many dreams as kids learn what it is like to become an astronaut.
  • Our Solar System – This educational exhibition allows planetarium visitors to virtually explore the Sun and its surrounding 8 planets while learning key facts about these planets and their attributes. The exhibition also features tangible pieces of Mars, the Moon, a meteorite, and the asteroids of Ceres and Vesta!
  • The Universe: A Walk Through Space and Time – Visitors learn how the Universe evolved over 13.7 billion years from the Big Bang to today. Attendees learn how stars, planets, and galaxies were created over time.
  • Telescopes: Through the Looking Glass – This exhibition presents a more technical side to space exploration, showcasing how instruments and technology have changed our concepts of the universe throughout history.

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Don’t miss out on this iconic and educational site in Chicago by booking your Classic Lake Tour today! The Adler Planetarium is just one of the many sites you’ll see from the unique perspective of the Shoreline Sightseeing boat tour. This 40-minute tour has tickets priced at $17.75 for adults, $15.50 for seniors, and $6.50 for children. You can contact us directly for more info. We look forward to seeing you soon!