5 Best Hot Dog Places in Chicago

5 Best Hot Dog Places in Chicago

When you visit Chicago, you need to experience a Chicago-style hot dog. Luckily, there are many great places to grab a dog after you’ve enjoyed your Chicago architectural boat tour through Shoreline Sightseeing. Take a look at the five best hot dog places this city has to offer.


hot dogs with condiments

What separates Allium from other hot dog venues is that everything is made in house—from the hot dog itself to the bun. They offer the traditional Chicago-style hot dog, but you can also customize your dog with whatever fixings you would like.


Most Chicago natives have experienced a Vienna hot dog at some point in their life, but that will all change when visiting Superdawg. Although this location uses Vienna hot dogs, Vienna makes the hot dogs special for them, so they’re not like what you’d find in a package or at a ballpark. And like every Chicago hot dog place, this one has all the right toppings to make your dog delicious.

Chicago’s Dog House

Sometimes you may be craving something other than your traditional hot dog, and that’s when you need to hit up Chicago Dog House. This place features some of the best sausages and hot dogs in the Midwest. Plus, you can experience these foods with a variety of toppings, like sweet chili sauce, caramelized onions, and more.

Hot “G” Dog

Looking for a dog with a twist? Then visit Hot “G” Dog today. You will be amazed at all the different options you can choose from. Plus, you’ll be even more amazed at how these tasty treats look that you may not even want to eat it.

The Wieners Circle

Okay, so you may not get the best tasting hot dog at this location (it’s average), but you will get a truly unique experience. This place is notorious for their rude service—yes, rude. You and the workers can hash it out, or you can sit back and watch as others do the same. Just know that this place can get pretty hectic, so visit at the right time.

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